24 Jul

I have to say that I officially love Gemma Halliday after reading this series and I cannot wait to give her other books, the High Heels Mysteries, a read. I came across the first book in the series because Amazon is currently offering it free on kindle.You can use the links below to check out the books for yourself. I am a total sucker for free books :) The title jumped out at me since I love all things Hollywood, as you will soon find out. I was thinking Maggie Marr and Jackie Collins and I was not disappointed. This series was a fantastic read.

It is set in a tabloid newspaper and features the three main women who work there. I love the fact that Gemma keeps hinting at real life stars that we all know and I had a fun time guessing who she is talking about in each character. Plenty of mystery and a dash of romance to keep you turning pages.

 Hollywood Scandals: Hollywood Headlines Book #1 (formerly Scandal Sheet)

Tina bender is an unforgettable character and definitely my favourite. She is the lead reporter at the L.A. Informer and her gossip column earns her faithful readers, informers and enemies. It was fun following the life of a tabloid reporter in the earnest pursuit for the latest Hollywood Headline. However things become even more exciting when she receives a threatening message threatening to kill her if she keeps writing about the mystery threatener (I know it is not a word, thank you, spell-check). In true Tina Bender style, she does not back down but instead vows to uncover who is threatening her. Bodyguards, a new reporter trying to scoop her every which way and I was up all night trying to get to the last page.





Hollywood Secrets: Hollywood Headlines Book #2 (formerly Perfect Shot)


What is a tabloid without the paparazzi? Enters Cameron Dakota (hot name huh?), the L.A. Informer’s main paparazzi. I could not wait to read about her after the first book and I loved her story. We find out why she does what she does and how she does it. Stalking one of the hottest stars to get exclusive photos is what she is focused on when she witnesses his kidnapping. Like every hungry journalist, she wants to get the story and please the unpleasable Managing Editor, Felix Dunn. Therein begins her series of adventures that did not slow down till the very end. I wish there was more of Tina here but … still a fabulous read.






Hollywood Confessions: Hollywood Headlines Book #3 (Hollywood Headlines Mysteries)

Of course, the nosy blonde had to get her own book. Nkt.She was the least favourite of my characters from the previous two books but everyone deserves a chance, right? Anywho we find out that dumb blonde, Allie Quick, is not as dumb as we thought and she is determined to prove it. Her love interest was a twist that,  I have to admit, I did not see coming. Anywho, Chester Baker, some famous reality show producer, and his mysterious murder are her ticket to making everyone else take her as the serious journalist she is. I really wish there had been more romance here. I do not feel she was wooed enough (hahahaha) but then again, that is real life for you.







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