Free Romance Kindle Books

30 Jul

the following books are currently free on kindle and they caught our eye(s). couldn’t help but share. haven’t read them so we are not sure if there are any good but what the hell, they free!! so if they are your type get downloading and join the cheap readers movement *wink*

1. Colter’s wife by Maya Banks
I’ve read Maya before and I liked her… let me try this. it’s supposed to be short so I should have a review pretty soon

book description:

Colters’ Wife is the free short story follow up to Colters’ Woman. It’s an extended epilogue and gives readers a glimpse into the lives of the Colters after Holly returns home in Colters’ Woman.  The correct reading order of the series is Colters’ Woman, Colters’ Wife, Colters’ Lady, Colters’ Daughter, Colters’ Promise and Colters’ Gift

free download link:

Colters’ Wife

2. enemies and playmates by Darcia Helle

this one has been free for quite some time so I dunno wassup with that but lucky us :)

book description:

When the abused decide to fight back, the abuser’s world might just shatter. Lauren Covington’s family maintains a grand facade that belies the life they live behind closed doors. Alex Covington, Lauren’s father, keeps a tight rein on his family through dominance, abuse, and obsessive control. Consequently, Lauren doesn’t believe she could ever trust a man, much less fall in love with one. When Lauren meets Jesse Ryder, her carefully constructed protective wall shatters. She falls hopelessly and completely in love. It’s only fitting that Jesse is a private detective who had once worked for her father, had defied him, and was now the subject of Alex Covington’s wrath. Amidst devastating loss, betrayal, and her father’s destructive pursuit of Jesse, Lauren finds the trust and love she had always longed for.

download link:
Enemies and Playmates

3. maid for the billionaire by ruth cardello (book 1 of the legacy collection)

this series is supposed to be awesome and I jus love it when they offer the first book for free so check it out and let us know if we should get the rest of the books

book description:

 Dominic Corisi knew instantly that Abigail Dartley was just the distraction he was looking for, especially since having her took a bit more persuading than he was used to. So when business forces him to fly to China, he decides to take her with him, but on his terms. No promises. No complications. Just sex. Abby has always been the responsible one. She doesn’t believe in taking risks; especially when it comes to men – until she meets Dominic. He’s both infuriating and intoxicating, a heady combination. Their trip to China revives a long forgotten side of Abby, but also reveals a threat to bring down Dominic’s company. With no time to explain her actions, Abby must either influence the outcome of his latest venture and save his company or accept her role as his mistress and leave his fate to chance. Does she love him enough to risk losing him for good?
download link:

Maid for the Billionaire: Ruth Cardello (Legacy Collection)

4. the rose of blacksword (loveswept) by Rexanne Becnel

the digital copy of this is also free apparently….and we cannot have a romance collection without a bit of historical romance so….

The Rose of Blacksword (Loveswept)

book description:

Lady Rosalynde of Stanwood has the power to entice men to deeds of reckless daring. And none is so rash and bold as the condemned outlaw known as Blacksword. In return for safe escort to her ancestral castle, Rosalynde is forced to marry the rogue, never dreaming that holy wedlock will fan the flames of unholy desire.Wielder of the coveted Blacksword, with the fate of his noble name resting on his massive shoulders, Sir Aric of Wycliffe lives to bring death to his treacherous nemesis – until his heart is bested by the enchanting maiden who saved him from the hangman’s noose. Bound together by ancient custom, the brazen knight demands nothing less than Rosalynde’s total surrender. But even as revenge and honour war within him, he is undone by the most seductive conqueror of all: wild, irresistible love.

download link:

unfortunately i couldn’t link you guys :( but search it on your kindle and it should pop right up

5. oh, cherry ripe by Claudy Conn

how could i resist such a cover? and it looks like we have another historical romance :)

book description:

Cherry Elton was beside herself! Her own mother had arranged a marriage for her to a man she had never even met. She had no choice but to run away.

Sky Westbrooke had no wish to marry, but his mischievous siblings sorely needed a firm maternal hand. Yet, how could he court his unseen bride, when into his employ had come the most remarkable, enchanting governess?

And Cherry, playing at being a governess was smitten by the handsome, cavalier Lord Westbrooke. His stolen kisses left her breathless—yet, he was betrothed to another. Whatever was a love struck governess to do?

download link:
Oh, Cherry Ripe

yep, thassit for today. if you have more free books to share with everybody then feel free to comment and link to them

happy reading

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