Unwritten Update……ITS FOR REAL!!!!

1 Aug

They sent me my book!!! i thought it would take days….anywho i have a brand new FREE ebook so imma highlight it for you guys

first I want to admit I picked it because of the cover…am shallow like that:)



                                             Champagne Taste by Connie Keenan

book description:

What’s a girl to do when she’s out shopping for a new dress, and only the one that’s outrageously priced is the one calling her name? Or when the only pair of shoes that will be a perfect match for that dress costs another huge chunk of change? Kara Childers, library clerk by day and belly dancer instructor by night, will readily admit that her champagne taste has been a dilemma she’s dealt with for, well, ever. Now she’s applying that same gold standard to the men in her life. The most recent of guys is well-to-do Dr. Jarrett, who zips around town in a flashy red convertible. Although not sure she really wants to be a trophy wife, she’s determined to make it work with the somewhat offbeat pediatrician.

That is, until Gil Parsons moves in right next door. Her new neighbor may be a tall, muscle-y hunk, but Kara’s first impression of the man is that he is the classic Mr. Wrong. So why is he suddenly taking center stage in her heart—and making her forget any other men she’s ever known? Kara’s about to learn that there’s more to Gil than meets the eye, and that sometimes the best things in life don’t come with a price tag.

anyways there is a bunch of books remaining so check them out

Thank you Unwritten. Thank you Connie Keenan.

once again, here’s the link:

unwritten free books giveaway

happy reading :)


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