READING LIST: Authors In Ecstacy by Bella Andre

8 Aug

We all need a guilty pleasure read from time to time. This was mine and I loved it ! Lots of great sex and lots of good writing; how can you not love Bella Andre?  I read the old version( the version published in 2004). There is a new version out and imma link you to that one because I cannot find the old one:( But its same the story; just better so…. check it out and I hope you love it as much as I did.

Ecstasy by Bella Andre

book description:

Candace, a newcomer to writing erotica, is thrilled when Charlie, a veteran of the industry, agrees to be her mentor. But neither of them ever expected that Charlie’s lessons on new positions, using toys, varying locations and role playing would spiral from verbal instruction into hot, hands on education. Unfortunately, Candace’s deception about the new erotic romance she’s writing–where Charlie plays the starring role–is about to threaten their one chance at true love.

On Amazon:


Happy Reading :)


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