READING LIST: Sleeping Beauty by Judith Michael

9 Aug

This was a really lovely book and I want more of their (I’ll be explaining that in a sec) books. This was given to me by a friend and I am really glad she introduced me to Judith Michael. Anywho, explaining the earlier part: Judith Michael is actually a husband and wife couple that writes the books( they figure that two names will just confuse people.)  So thank you Judith and Michael for this lovely book Oh, it was published in 1991 but it’s totally awesome so……

Sleeping Beauty by Judith Michael

The book description on Amazon sucks; it’s like only one line. So imma copy the one at the back cover for you guys. Yea, yea, I love you too.

book description:

Anne Garnett is no longer the weak, frightened teenager she was when she last faced Vince Chatham. Now she is proud, beautiful, and a high powered divorce lawyer. And Vince  is the new US senator from Colorado, exuding with vitality, vigour and charm-and ambitious for the White House. Both of them have carefully constructed public faces that conceal a bitter tormented past-and a nightmare that has haunted Anne for years.

Now as they face each other over the grave of Ethan Chatham, old wounds are savagely reopened, and a conflict that began twenty-four years ago enters its final stages. A conflict that sweeps away their professional media images and reveals the raw, savage enmity between them. A conflict for control over the family empire and name, and for the leadership and love of the family.

Tamarack, Colorado, the beautiful mountain playground of the rich and famous, the jewel in the family’s empire, is the paradise that turns into a battleground. From there to the treacherous political enclaves of Washington and to the remote reaches of Egypt, Anne must struggle to awaken from her past; to fight, to win-and to love again…

Yep. That hot. The book seems kinda rare but as always

On Amazon:

Sleeping Beauty

Happy Reading Everyone


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