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READING LIST: It Happened at Midnight by Cait London

9 Aug

I promised a lot of books this week so here’s another one. Again I got this on paperback but I will link you to Amazon. I’ll admit that I only picked it because of the cover. Anyways here goes

It Happened at Midnight by Cait London

book description:

When the Wild Heart of a Langtry Is Captured…Michaela Langtry returns home to Wyoming seeking peace, and if she can avoid Harrison Kane II she might succeed in getting it. Harrison’s cool composure and frustrating logic challenge Micaela, so she sets out to crack his carefully built shields. After all, Langtry women are known for being as bold as their men and Michaela is as much a Langtry as any of them…

…It Will Remain True ForeverHarrison counted on Michaela coming back to Wyoming where she belongs. She’s always fascinated him with her passionate nature, and he enjoys pushing her to the limit. He’s prepared to do whatever it takes to keep her where he can get his hands on her. But buried deep in the Rocky Mountains are secrets that are Harrison’s alone. Can the powerful past rise to permanently destroy the fragile emotions growing between Harrison and Micaela?

Happy Reading :)

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