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Bewitching The Werewolf by Caroline Hanson

20 Aug

My friends think am a wuss but I usually do not read werewolf and vampire books because I’ll get nightmares. Still, we all have to face our fears if we are to move forward. I figure I am missing a lot of really cool books out there because of my phobia. I was therefore looking for something to help me ease into the genre again..So, after more than a year of not reading werewolf stuff, I found this delightful read that is my first baby step. Short, well-written and totally not scary. Sharing it right away

Did I mention it is currently free on Amazon Kindle? Oh, yeah.

Bewitching the Werewolf by Caroline Hanson

book description:

When witch for hire, Megan Stephens, is assigned to help the local werewolf pack leader find a mate, she thinks the job will be easy. Get in, get him up and get gone. But when she meets Zack Connor, she realizes her future might have a lot more dog jokes in it than she ever imagined.

This is a short story– approximately 40 pages in length– and includes an excerpt from Love is Darkness, the first book in the Valerie Dearborn series.

**Please be aware that this book contains sex. And not in a fade-to-black-sort-of-way but an-OMG-that’s-in-public-sort-of-way**

To Get It On Amazon:
Bewitching the Werewolf

Happy Reading:)


The Running Series by Diane Strong

6 Aug

My darlings :)

So sorry I didn’t give you a weekend read but I have tons of fabulous new books to share with you this week and I hope that will make up for the silence. So what was I reading all this time? Well, am still on my new suspense diet and I found this trilogy. Short reads too, so you can have a lunch-time treat or a bedtime story if you wish. I read one with each meal, bad habit really, but am proud to be an addict:)

Alrighty before I tell you which  series I am talking about, I should mention that they are stand alone books, meaning you can start with any of them. I recommend going in line however, because each book is better than the previous one. Caught your attention, did I? The third book was def my fave. It has a twist, uh-huh, that I only guessed halfway through. I must be losing my reader’s instincts, or maybe she (Diane Strong) is that amazing of a writer. You will have to get your own copy before we conclude this debate.

So each of the books focuses on a runner, hence the name. Not really professionals. Just regular you and me. Totally relatable.

Pssst: The First book in the series (The Run) is currently free on Smashwords and Kobo :)

And the books:

The Run (Running Suspense Series #1)

book description:

Cora is a runner and mother of two whose husband is working out of town on business. Always a protective mother, Cora has never left her children alone. That is until a well-intentioned friend encourages her to. This is a story that will leave you questioning your parenting skills and wanting to read more great running adventures by Diane Strong.

On Amazon;
The Run (Running Suspense Series)

On Smashwords:

The Run

Falcon Point (Running Suspense Series #2)

book description:
Claire is 17 and spending the summer with her rich mother and step-father in Falcon Point. She has her eye on a boy, this could be the summer he finally notices her. But someone has his eye on her too. A perfect summer becomes an unforgettable one. You may never want to run alone again.

On Amazon:

Falcon Point (Running Suspense Series)

On Smaswords:
book description:
Isaac Fisher was not born a runner, he was born Amish. After getting a girl pregnant while exploring rumspringa at sixteen, he left the Amish community and ventured to the new world to become the girl’s husband. Now, four years and two children later, Isaac can’t help but sneak back home on his long runs for a feel of his past life and the taste of an old lover.
On Amazon:

The Other Way (The Running Suspense Series)

On Smashwords:
happy reading :)
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